Environmental Health and Safety: Environmental Health and Safety is an integral part of risk management at Breakthrough Developers, responsible for oversight and implementation of the company’s health and safety programs. Breakthrough Developers history has demonstrated that the more aligned our local business units, subcontractors and partners are with our safety ideal of loss avoidance, the safer and more successful the project outcome.

Alignment and Structure: At Breakthrough Developers, we continually evaluate our operations and controls and strive to make our organization the best in the industry. The Safety Organization is structured to operate under one umbrella providing a strategic link and support function between Corporate Risk Management and Breakthrough Developers, local business units to assure that the risk management safety priorities are providing impact through an engaged approach.

Building L.I.F.E. (Living Injury Free Everyday): Breakthrough Developers, safety first philosophy is trademarked as Building L.I.F.E. (Living Injury Free Everyday). The Building L.I.F.E. approach strives to eliminate all worksite incidents through pre-planning construction activities with safety engagement commencing at project pursuit. These standards along with our policies, mandatory safety inspections and approximately 25 training programs have created the most comprehensive and effective safety organization in the construction industry today. Building L.I.F.E. is supported by four guiding principles:

1) Injuries are Preventable

2) Perform a Job Only if it is Safe

3) Working Safely is a Condition of Employment

4) Practice and Expect Safe Behavior Everywhere, Every Day.

Standards, Policies and Guidelines: Breakthrough Developers, strives to continually improve and identify risk while creating and enforcing the programs to reduce that risk whether through a best practice, new guideline, or policy. This results in a successful track record of bridging the company’s safety standards, with the reality of on-site project operations further supporting and driving the message to all level of field and project staff. Breakthrough Developers, support and commitment to safety continues to offer progressive and innovative programs. We are proud to support the Breakthrough Developers family from Building L.I.F.E. to Living LIFE.

Safety Stand-Down: For the past three years Breakthrough Developers has held an annual company-wide Safety Stand-Down at every jobsite. The Safety Stand-Down takes place at the start of the first work day. Work is suspended for an hour as jobsite staff gather to listen to important themes of safe work practices.
The most recent Safety Stand-Down was September 21, 2017. Breakthrough Developers Safety Managers delivered an important safety message: Personal Health and Well-Being, Off all our employees and workers in order to refocus our attention on safety, specifically on assistance and support for our employees and others working on our projects in their efforts to establish healthier lives both at work and at home. Breakthrough Developers is committed to the principle of Building L.I.F.E. (Living Injury Free Everyday), a principle which extends far beyond the fences of our jobsites and the walls of our offices. During this year’s safety Stand-Down we will take time to refocus our attention on safety, specifically on assistance and support for our employees and others working on our projects in their efforts to establish healthier lives both at work and at home.

In addition to increasing awareness of early warning signs – to help avoid and minimize personal heath emergencies, showing workers where to find information and resources to help protect and improve their health is one of the Stand-Down’s primary goals this year.